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A strong preference for female clients stationed in Taipei 101

Perhaps men with customers has been very solid, as well as to meet the department’s spending habits, Rolex this time eccentric women, in order to extravagance diamonds table suction eye, as the first Rolex boutique, the introduction of a full range of Classic Table models, all advertised watches and parts are in Geneva, the design and production, a total of over a more than 100 countries, four more than 1000 to provide after-sales service table maker.

Rolex Swiss watch brand dedicated to the first time, Taipei 101, the first time, the establishment of a single brand stores, this is the first time Rolex stationed in Taiwan in order to store the form of shopping malls, brand management model of fine-tuning a hundred years, from Dickson Watch & Jewelery is responsible for operating and management.

Store loaded with young, neat, design layout, the visual sense of permeability with the entire floor to ceiling windows, with customers locked red gold of new forces, main variety of women’s favorite styles, such as the zebra-patterned surface, such as the diamond-encrusted oysters Perpetual black color watch, the table show last year in Basel, Switzerland stunning Oyster Perpetual Datejust table models and so on, with the new store opening debut.

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